Gum Disease Symptoms: Bleeding Gums

Bleeding gums is one of many gum disease symptoms, and should be taken seriously. It is also a sign that your gums are inflamed or infected. Along with other gum disease symptoms such as bad breath, gum recession, or loose teeth, bleeding gums should not be ignored. If you have been experiencing any gum disease signs or symptoms, call our office today to make an appointment. Dr. John Hudon and his friendly staff in Auburn, AL have over 20 years of experience treating gum infections and addressing gum disease symptoms.

Inflammation and swollen, red, or bleeding gums are gum disease signs caused by bacterial growth in your mouth. Damage from gum disease is, in most cases, irreversible, but if treated in the early stages the damage can be stopped or slowed. Gum disease causes bone loss and potentially tooth loss, making it very important to practice diligent homecare and seek treatment as soon as possible.

Medications can cause bleeding gums, and it may not necessarily be a gum disease symptom. Medications such as aspirin, blood thinners, NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), birth control pills, and some blood pressure medications are among those that can contribute to bleeding gums. It is important to also tell Dr. Hudon of any medications you are taking or medical conditions you have, particularly if you are experiencing bleeding gums.

Pregnancy can also cause your gums to bleed. When your body is experiencing increased hormone levels, the gums will bleed more readily when brushing, flossing, eating, or even spontaneously. Gingivitis is common during pregnancy and directly afterward when hormone levels are at their highest.

If you have noticed your gums bleeding more than usual, or are experiencing any other gum disease symptoms such as gum recession, loose teeth, or bad breath, call Dr. Hudon in Auburn, AL today. Our highly trained staff is ready to help you effectively improve and maintain healthy gums. We look forward to treating our new and current patients with the personalized, gentle care they deserve.

 Bleeding Gums Symptom of Gum Disease
Dr. John Hudon Certified American Board of Periodontology

Dr. John M. Hudon is a board certified periodontist in East Central Alabama with American Board of Periodontology Certification.